Keith Williamson
Ridges of Denali, Alaska

Ridges of Denali, Alaska

The natural world is restorative. A forest walk, or a desert ramble, both will bring peace to your soul. And then there are the marvelous discoveries to be found in nature – being visited at sunrise by a curious river otter, having ten thousand snow geese take off and nearly block the view of a nearby volcano, seeing a forest perfectly reflected in a glassy smooth mountain lake, seeing the Milky Way erupting out of Mt. St. Helens, experiencing the quiet solitude of a beautiful sunset in a remote corner of the North Cascade mountains, getting snowed on during the first days of summer in the Brooks Range, watching the full moon slowly rise over Mount Shuksan, stumbling across beautiful flowering cacti in a Utah desert, and watching the northern lights from the back porch of my own home. When people see me photographing the natural world, they often ask me if I have gotten any great images. My typical response is – I’m not sure, but I am really glad that my interest in photography has brought me out to experience what I am witnessing. Their response is often an understanding smile.

I take my photographs, and process them, for myself - to capture the beauty of the natural world, as I see it. Some of my images resonate with some people. For that, I am very happy. I am retired, and I do not pursue nature photography for profit. If someone chooses to hang a print of my work on the walls of their home, then I am honored and pleased. This demonstrates a connection between two people – the viewer and the photographer. I find this wonderfully rewarding! This is the other reason that I pursue photography. But the main reason is that photography makes me explore nature.

One final comment… While prints of my images are available from this website, I prefer doing my own large prints at home, using a professional Epson printer, with archival quality papers and inks. Actually doing the full process of photography – from image capture, to processing, to printing – has taught me much about photography, and brought a deep sense of satisfaction to me. Hopefully, my photography is better as a result of my attention to all the detailed aspects of photography.

Please browse and enjoy my photography! Thank you for stopping by.